The Incredible Adventures of Dog Mendonça and Pizzaboy

Dog Mendonça and Pizzaboy vol.1

FOREWORD: John Lan­dis

FORMAT: 120 Pages,  16,5  x 24 cm

LANGUAGE: Portuguese

PUBLICATION DATE Feb­ru­ary, 2010

PUBLISHED BY: Tinta da China

BUY: Tinta da China | FNAC

Dur­ing World War II, all the super­nat­ural crea­tures sought refuge in Por­tu­gal. Vam­pires, were­wolves, gar­goyles and ghosts all live peace­fully, in the shad­ows, along­side humans. How­ever, under­ground, the worst of all mon­sters pre­pares his come­back. A young pizza deliv­ery boy, a mid­dle aged were­wolf, a six thou­sand year old demon and the sev­ered head of a gar­goyle will be the only ones capa­ble of fac­ing the forces of evil that threaten mankind.

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